Top 10 Ayurvedic Companies in Bangladesh

A List of Top 10 Ayurvedic Drug Manufacturers in Bangladesh -

  1. Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Bangladsh (Ay)
  2. Square Herbal & Neutraceuticals Ltd.(Ay)
  3. New Life & Co. (Pvt) Ltd. (Ay)
  4. Orion Natural Care Ltd. (Ayurvedic)
  5. The Acme Laboratories Ltd. (Ay)
  6. Bibs Pharmaceuticals (Ay)
  7. Chemist Herbal Care (Ay)
  8. National Herbal (Ay)
  9. Niramoy Harbal Lab. (Ay)
  10. The National H. R. Laboratory Ltd. (Ayurvedic)

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