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Drug Ordinance 1982 is first step of consumer protection in Bangladesh

It might be surprising to note that during the first decade after the emergence of Bangladesh as a sovereign entity no law was enacted to safeguard the consumer rights, the first significant move was however made in 1982 with the promulgation of the drugs control ordinance. This ordinance has been widely acclaimed, both within and outside of Bangladesh as a historic step towards protection of consumer rights and interests.

This ordinance empowers the government to establish control over manufacture, import distribution and sale of drugs. Immediately after its promulgation, manufacture, import and distribution of 1707 medicines were prohibited and registration or license with regard to them stood cancelled.

This enactment makes provisions for constituting a drugs control committee now known as the drug administration no medicine of any kind can be manufactured for sale. Or be imported, distributed or sold unless it is registered with the committee. The government may fix the maximum price at which any medicine may be sold and pharmaceutical raw material may be imported or sold. While manufacturing drugs, the firms are advised to follow the recommendations of the world health organization (WHO). Breach of this ordinance may entail punishment in the form of fines upto 200,000 taka or imprisonment upto ten years or both together. The ordinance also makes room for a drug court to handle cases involving violations of the ordinance. This, however, is yet to be given material shape.

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