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Community Pharmacists in Bangladesh

Community pharmacists have a wide space to serve the humanity in a community level. But till now no step is taken for applying this sector in Bangladesh.

Pharmacists in community pharmacy practice, whether independent or chain settings, are slowly shifting their focus from the drug product to patient service. Yet the shift of attention from drug product to patient does not find its genesis solely for the satisfaction of pharmacist needs, aspiration or even in altruism. This change is an exigency for their professional survival. Without a change in focus from drug product to patient service, pharmacists, themselves will be in danger of displacement. Refocusing from drug product to patient has caused the pharmacy profession to develop newer skills and explore the diversified dimension of community pharmacy which need insight both into drug effects ( eg. understanding drug action, kinetics and interactions) and patient dynamics (i.e. learning how to communicate with and educate patients regarding drug, disease and dosage regimen).

A Guideline of Pharmacy Study

Human and mammalian physiology and biochemistry as a basis for the understanding of the pharmacology of drugs. It should include experimental pharmacology and biological methods of measurement of activity; chemical, physical, biochemical and biological aspects of the action of drugs in man and animals; plant biology in relation to natural sources of drugs and medicines and in relation to pesticides; microbiology in relation to immunology, disease and chemotherapy; the presentation, use and adverse reactions of drugs and medicines, including some opportunities to observe and study the clinical effects of drugs on diseases an understanding of the principals of disease processes; medical terminology; sources of information on drugs and medicines.

The emphasis placed on the topics included in these three elements of the degree course will vary with educational needs, objectives, resources, and developments in health care, but the three elements should receive approximately the same emphasis. However, the growing importance of the pharmacists role in promoting the rational use of drugs by patients and in advising other health processionals must be reflected in the teaching of pathology and therapeutics related to both community and hospital pharmacy.