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Pharmacists Salary in Bangladesh

Most people in Bangladesh think of pharmacists as the professionals who fill prescriptions at their local pharmacy. However, there are different sorts of jobs for pharmacists in different settings like— hospitals, research institutions, government health offices, health insurance companies, pharmacy and medical schools, advertising agencies, big financial firms, and of course, pharmaceutical companies.

Now we discuss about pharmaceutical industry's salary range for pharmacists in Bangladesh. Entry level jobs in the industry pay about a BDT 250-300K annual salary, sometimes with a nice annual bonus.These salary estimates are based on salaries, bonuses, wages, and hourly pay to Pharmacist employees in Bangladesh.

Top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh provide around 25K BDT per month for a pharmacist. Some of them cross this figure and try to give around 30-35K per month. Which will be around 30-40K when adjusted with bonus or overtime.

Next 10 pharmaceutical companies provide around 20K per month. Which will be atmost 25K when adjusted with annual bonus and monthly overtime.

Rest of the pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh try to give around 18K to 20K per month. But a few of them company's salary are so lowest amount. It's may be around 10K to 12K.

But multinational companies are exceptional. They are the top players of highly payable pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh. They start from 35K to 40K for entry level, which will be around 50K+ with anual bonus.

All of them pharmaceutical companies give prior to public university's students, where DU, JU & NSTU are most wanted. But some private university's also find prior than others. Where Asia Pacific, East West & NSU are most wanted.

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