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Salary Range of Pharmaceutical Industries in Bangladesh

The salary range of pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh varies from company to company. The top ten companies are key players in high salary for a pharmacist.

Here we mention the salary range of top ten pharma companies giving through the year 2017.

Salary range of top ten pharmaceutical companies in BD -

A Comparative Analysis of Medicine Costs in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan

Medicine prices in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan are slightly differ only. In Bangladesh, the cost of medicines are increasing day by day. In Pakistan the cost is increased four times between June and August, 2016.

Though, there have some changed in medicine price among the countries, the cost is not so much differ. A table of frequently used 5 medicines with prices are given below-

Hospital Pharmacy Practice in Bangladesh

Hospital pharmacists are a vital part of the healthcare team. Working in either the government or private hospitals, being a hospital pharmacist means you're part of a team where the focus is firmly on patients. It's noble profession for a pharmacist if he follow medical ethics in his profession.

In Bangladesh, hospital pharmacy practice is still in the primary stage. Even they don't seek for recruit for hospital pharmacist in any hospital except a few top hospitals. But a hospital pharmacist can assist the health sector with following responsibilities-