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Water Disinfection During Flood Events

Bangladesh is prone to flooding due to being situated on the Ganges Delta and the many distributaries flowing into the Bay of Bengal. Monsoon rains and lack of cooperation among the co-riparian nations have triggered flood in Bangladesh.

Water contamination is highly occurred during flood. Heat and chemical sterilization are two ways to purify such water. Following steps are used to purify water during flood events-

Straining water: Strain water containing sediment or floating material through a cloth or paper filter before beginning the purification process.

Probationary Sales Officer Job in Pharmaceutical Industry

Probationary sales officer in pharmaceutical industry is mainly responsible for force the sales of pharmaceutical products through the increasing prescription generating and consumer acceptance.

Job responsibility of probationary sales officer includes-

  • Visit doctors, hospital, clinics actively and energetically.
  • To achieve the sales target practicing through reporting and monitoring.