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Psychiatric Patients in Bangladesh

Psychological disorders constitute a major public health problem globally with higher burden in low and middle-income countries. About 50% people somehow psychologically disreputed around the world.
In Bangladesh, psychiatric patients are increasing day by day. Some of them are less affected and some are highly affected. Most of the teenage are affected by family problems, opposite sex attraction and drug addiction.

Most Prominent Pharmaceutical Brands in Bangladesh

Depending on the annual sales and consumer satisfaction in the year 2017 top 10 pharmaceutical brands in Bangladesh are given below-
Napa (Beximco)ACE (Square)Seclo (Square)Cef-3 (Square)

Top 10 Unani Pharmaceutical Companies

Unani medicine is ancient Greek medicine that has evolved within the Muslim world and it's based on the concept of balancing body humors. Nowadays it's become more popular for its broad therapeutic range. Here we mentioned the top 10 unani pharmaceuticals in this era-

Hamdard LaboratoriesNeptune Laboratories ltd.Al-Harmain Pharma (India) Pvt. Ltd.Hamim Unani Laboratories

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in India 2018

'Which companies will be gain top 10 position in Indian pharma market?' is a more interesting question for pharma competitors and their clients. From this aspect we try to find out high chance of the companies for this top 10 positions in year 2018. They are ranked depending on annual sales, employees satisfaction, market share and so on. The are-

Role of Pharmacists in Bangladesh Health Care System

In a community, pharmacists are supplying medicines in accordance with a prescription or, when legally permitted, sell them without a prescription. In addition to ensuring an accurate supply of appropriate products, their professional activities also cover counseling of patients at the time of dispensing of prescription and non-prescription drugs, drug information to health professionals, patients and the general public, and participation in health-promotion programmes. Pharmacists are also undertaken the additional task of ensuring the quality of the products they develop and supply.

API Industrial Park and its Possibilities in Bangladesh

API industrial park is finally ready to start after a long time planning. Recently the developer of the park distributed 41 plots among the pharmaceutical companies including Square, Incepta, Beximco, Globe and others.
The initiative to build the API park by the Dhaka-Chittagong highway under Gazaria upazila of Munshiganj for Tk 213 crore was taken in January 2008. But the project cost is revised to Tk 332 crore and the final cost of the project is expected to rise again.

Management Trainee in Pharmaceutical Industries

Today some of the pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh offer management trainee job for pharmacist. This post is specially for fresher pharmacists. After completion of training period they will promoted to officer or executive.

OTC Drugs for Daily Life

Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs are medicines sold directly to a consumer without a prescription from a healthcare professional. There are a list of OTC drugs highly used in our daily life-
1. Paracetamol (used as a pain reliever and fever reducer)

2. Albendazole (used for the treatment of parasitic worms)

3. Ascorbic acid (used in vitamin-c deficiency)