Psychiatric Patients in Bangladesh

Psychological disorders constitute a major public health problem globally with higher burden in low and middle-income countries. About 50% people somehow psychologically disreputed around the world.

In Bangladesh, psychiatric patients are increasing day by day. Some of them are less affected and some are highly affected. Most of the teenage are affected by family problems, opposite sex attraction and drug addiction.

Some of the organization work on mentally disorder people, but most of the mental facilities are poorly treated and placed in terrible conditions. Reporters from Maasranga TV, a Bangladeshi news network, were able to gain access to the unsanitary conditions of the Pabna Mental Hospital in Pabna, Bangladesh. Several people were crammed into a small concrete room, where beds were lined up with barely any space in between them. Insufficient light came through the tiny windows, and the patients complained because they did not always receive their meals. Furthermore, the patients are completely isolated from the outside world. They receive no information about their families and cannot contact their loved ones.

To improve the mental health services in Bangladesh, further well-designed epidemiological and clinical research are needed and the government and non-government organisation should taken right steps with proper facilities. Social awareness also help to minimize the problem with good understanding making among the family member.

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