Role of Pharmacists in Bangladesh Health Care System

In a community, pharmacists are supplying medicines in accordance with a prescription or, when legally permitted, sell them without a prescription. In addition to ensuring an accurate supply of appropriate products, their professional activities also cover counseling of patients at the time of dispensing of prescription and non-prescription drugs, drug information to health professionals, patients and the general public, and participation in health-promotion programmes. Pharmacists are also undertaken the additional task of ensuring the quality of the products they develop and supply.

In Bangladesh, the top 10 role of pharmacists in Health Care system include-

  1. Research and Development of a new drug
  2. Quality control study of drug
  3. Production of drug in pharmaceutical industry
  4. Processing of prescriptions in hospitals
  5. Care of patients or clinical pharmacy
  6. Monitoring of drug utilization
  7. Monitoring retail shop
  8. Maintaining mode pharmacy
  9. Responding to symptoms of minor ailments
  10. Health promotion.

To achieve the goals of health care system in Bangladesh, more involvement of pharmacists in the healthcare system especially in the hospital and community pharmacies is required and pharmacists should be members of health care teams and their roles in the team should be recognized.

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