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Highly Equipped R&D Department of Pharmaceuticals Companies in BD

Bangladesh pharma sector is growing up day by day. As a part of new product launching and existing product updating R&D department should be up to date and well equipped.

Depending on the new and technology based product launching and facilities we listed here top 10 Research and Development (R&D) department in Bangladesh pharma sector-

Behind the Position of Top Pharmaceutical Companies in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Pharma market become more competitive day by day. The position of the pharma companies is changing year to year. But top tier companies keep their position with slightly change or not. Behind the position of leading pharmaceutical companies have some unique and open secrect causes. Some of these are mentioned below-

Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

A long time journey, standard marketing and standard quality are the key strength behind the top position of Square pharma in Bangladesh Pharma market. They reached people to people with a brand called Square.

Ophthalmic Market Leader in Bangladesh

Ophthalmic preparations are agents especially designed to be applied to the eyes. The eye is extremely sensitive and is easily irritated if the composition of the ophthalmic preparation is not appropriate.

In 2016, Top 5 Pharma in Ophthalmic market in Bangladesh were-