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Behind the Position of Top Pharmaceutical Companies in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Pharma market become more competitive day by day. The position of the pharma companies is changing year to year. But top tier companies keep their position with slightly change or not. Behind the position of leading pharmaceutical companies have some unique and open secrect causes. Some of these are mentioned below-

Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

A long time journey, standard marketing and standard quality are the key strength behind the top position of Square pharma in Bangladesh Pharma market. They reached people to people with a brand called Square.

Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

High level of quality, Large number of export, Huge iinvestment and USFDA branding are the main strength of Beximco pharma for leading the pharma market in Bangladesh.

Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

A long range of products and quality marketing are the key strength of Incepta pharma to gain the top 3 position in Bangladesh pharma market.

Renata Limited

Quality products and quality management are the key strength of Renata limited to gain the top 5 position in Bangladesh.

Opsonin Pharma

A high level of target marketing is the key strength of Opsonin pharma in Bangladesh.

ACI limited

Quality products, Quality marketing and Quality management are the key strength of ACI limited in Bangladesh pharma market.

Eskayef Bangladesh

A high level of investment and quality products are the key strength of Eskayef Bangladesh Ltd.


Target oriented products is the key strength of Aristopharma ltd. in Bangladesh Pharma market.

Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Quality product is the key strength of Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Acme Laboratories

Huge investment is the key strength of Acme laboratories.

Radiant Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Quality products is the key strength of Radiant Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

General Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Target oriented products is the key strength of General Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Beacon Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Innovative and technology based products is the key strength of Beacon Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

From this short analysis we realise that every company have few strength points to gain the position.

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