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Advanced Animal Health in Bangladesh

Animal Health strives to provide resources from veterinarians and fisheries experts to livestock and fisheries farmers with the high quality medicine and vaccine they require to succeed. It is a highly proactive, vigorous and diversified business with a solid, scientifically demonstrated product portfolio. Our aim is to create value and add to the progressing achievement of our customers. It also helps the farm-owners with useful information, modern technologies, and helps in identifying problems related to domestic animals and fisheries. ACI Animal Health is moving ahead with a great pace, and its wide range of innovations is committed to ensure protein availability to every individual of the country.

Animal Health Companies Association of Bangladesh (AHCAB) is the only Apex Trade Body registered with Ministry of Commerce of People's Republic of Bangladesh registration no.C540(53)/2003, since 2003 to conduct welfare of animal industry consist of poultry, cattle, fish, shrimp and companion animal by promoting, educating and creating awareness in developing a sustained the animal industry. The primary responsibility is to protect the business interest of the members as well as the industry stake holders. The association is also dedicated to ensure consumer safety for the animal products and welfare of the animal farmers by in large.

There are few top ranked companies in Bangladesh are manufacturing quality products and capture a large portion of the animal health market. The top listed animal health companies include Square, ACI, Renata, ACME, EON, Ibn Sina with others.

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