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Voglibose in Bangladesh

Voglibose is an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor used for lowering post-prandial blood glucose levels in people with diabetes mellitus. Voglibose delays the absorption of glucose thereby reducing the risk of macrovascular complications. Voglibose is a research product of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Japan's largest pharmaceutical company.

Indications: diabetes mellitus.

Contraindications: Inflammatory bowel disease; GI obstruction or patients predisposed to it; conditions which may deteriorate as a result of increased gas formation eg, hernia; severe ketosis; diabetic coma or pre-coma; severe infection; hypersensitivity; pregnancy; lactation. Not to be used as monotherapy in IDDM.

Side effects: Flatulence; abdominal distension; diarrhoea; pain; skin reactions; hypoglycemia; increased LFT.

Potentially Fatal: Hepatotoxicity.

Voglibose Brand Name in Bangladesh

  • Vibose – Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Volibo – Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


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