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Government Job Opportunity for Pharmacists in Bangladesh

History of Pharmacy education in Bangladesh is more struggling than some other well established sector. Actually, Bangladesh was the part of Pakistan before liberation war. Pakistan of this time was West Pakistan and Bangladesh of this time was East Pakistan. Pakistan was formed in 1947 by the division of Indian subcontinent. There was no institution for Pharmacy study. Because of great opportunity in abroad and multinational Pharmaceutical industry creation leads Lahore University to open Pharmacy department in 1948.

Professor Dr. Abdul Jabbar was the initiator of Pharmacy education in Dhaka University. Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University Dr. Mahmud Hossain helps to make a scheme for establishment of the Pharmacy department in the Dhaka University. This plan had been sent to Planning Commission for several times. But Planning commission refused all the times. The main cause of refusal was lack of teacher of this discipline.

Professor Dr. Abdul Jabbar again started to set up the platform for pharmacy department. At that time, Drc Kamal Uddin Ahmed was selected as Chairman. He sent some meritorious students for higher studies, who played as teacher later on. After approval of the Pharmacy Department of the Dhaka University, syllabus has been designed as London School of Pharmacy which is recognized by the rest of the world at that time.

After all pharmacy education in Bangladesh started its journey in 1964 after the establishment of the Department of Pharmacy in the University of Dhaka. However, Pharmacy as a profession was recognized in Bangladesh after the promulgation of Pharmacy Ordinance 1976. Initially, the academic curriculum consisted of a 3-year Bachelor (Hons.) and 1-year Master of Pharmacy programs. Later on, the undergraduate program was upgraded to 4-year Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honors) degree in 1996.

But till now there have only a few scope for a pharmacist to join as a govt. employee. Due to lack of unity and weak authority pharmacists were always deprived from their rights.

But nowadays Bangladesh government announced to recruit pharmacists in government hospital. We think this is a time demanding decision by Bangladeshi Prime minister. And this will be a large field for a pharmacist to do their great job.


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