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Central Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Central Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a trusted name in quality medicine. Good health is vital to all of us and finding sustainable solutions to the health care challenges of our changing world cannot wait for a moment. That's why Central Pharmaceuticals Ltd. are committed to be a participant in health care and to help changing the millions of lives through providing access to safe, effective and affordable medicines and related health care services to the people who need them.

They have the moderated portfolios (currently near about 16) which consist of near about 70 medicines that prevent, treat and cure diseases across a significant range of therapeutic areas and pipeline of promising new products in various areas such as diabetes, anti ulcerants, ophthalmology, vitamins & minerals.

They are successfully operating Their business from Dhaka. This company was actually established by GETCO/ Bangla CAT (Represents the world famous USA based Caterpillar Company) in 1980s. The founders of Central Pharmaceuticals Ltd. were six renowned businessmen of Bangladesh. Mr. K.M. Khaled and Mr. Aminul Hoque are the eminent industrialists in our country among the six magnets. Basically their core business is to deal with different kinds of heavy duty construction machineries & equipments, industrial generators and so on. They are successfully engaged in telecommunications, banking (Prime Bank) and leasing sectors android phone.

After 2002 the company has gradually increased its sales volume. In 2005 the company has crossed the landmark of its early sales volume. In 2007 Central Pharmaceuticals Ltd. set new mission, vision, goal and has been working accordingly on those. Since its journey, the company focused to build its reputation in both the customer and consumer level.


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