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Generic Name: Gliclazide
Manufacturer: Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Gliclazide is a second generation sulfonylurea that has hypoglycemic and potentially useful hemobiological properties. It stimulates the influx of calcium ions into pancreatic beta cells and as a result increases insulin secretion. Moreover, in vivo studies have demonstrated changes in thrombin-induced platelet aggregation in NIDDM patients treated with gliclazide. Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (type-II) when dietary modification has failed.

Possible Side Effects

Potentially life-threatening effects – All hypoglycemic agents have the potential to cause severe hypoglycemia and may cause severe brain damage or death. Gliclazide used in standard dose is less likely than glyburide to cause hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia may be favored by concurrent conditions such as hepatic and renal disease, malnutrition, anorexia, senility, alcohol intoxication or adrenal and pituitary insufficiency.


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