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Globe Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Globe Pharmaceuticals Ltd., launched in 1986 with the responsibilities to support the life healthier, happier and longer. Now the company has grown into one of the major providers of essential medicines in the country. As with pharmaceuticals success, Globe Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has proud for being the mother company of Globe Pharmaceuticals Group of Companies, one of the leading corporate houses in the country, currently operating six sister concerns, which are- 1. Globe Pharmaceuticals Ltd., 2. Globe Drugs Ltd., 3. Globe Soft Drinks Ltd., 4. AST Beverage Ltd., 5. Globe Biscuits and Dairy Milk Ltd. and 6. Globe Agrovet Ltd.

Globe Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is enriched with the facilities that manufacture oral solid, oral liquid, parenteral injection and infusion, soft capsule, topical cream, ointment and ophthalmic eye drops. Globe’s manufacturing plant is located at BSCIC industrial estate under Begumgonj Upazilla of Noakhali Districts, South east part of Bangladesh, which has been built with the requirements to meet the international norms of WHO-GMP and other drug regulatory bodies in the world.

To assure the facilities that will cover the complete range of therapeutic solution by providing highest quality and efficient medicines available and reasonable throughout the country.



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