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Generic name: Haloperidole
Therapeutic Group: Drugs of Nervous System » Anti Psychotic
Manufacturer: Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Haloperidol is a butyropherone derivative with antipsychotic properties that has been considered particularly effective in the management of hyperactivity, agitation and mania. Haloperidol is an effective neuroleptic and also possesses antiemetic properties. It may also exhibit hypothermic and anorexiant effects and potentiate the action of barbiturates, general anesthetics and other CNS depressant drugs. Haloperidol is a quick acting substance and has a duration of action of about 12 hours after one single administration. The optimum daily therapy consists of 2 administrations.

Haloperidol may lower the convulsive threshold and has been reported to trigger seizures in previously controlled known epileptics. When instituting haloperidol therapy in these patients, adequate anticonvulsant medication should be maintained concomitantly. As with other antipsychotic agents, haloperidol should be administered cautiously to patients with severe impairment of liver or kidney function and to patients with known allergies or history of allergies to other neuroleptic drugs. Caution is also advised in patients with pheochromocytoma and conditions predisposing to epilepsy such as alcohol withdrawal and brain damage. Since the drug may have a possible potentiating effect on potent analgesics or hypnotics, caution is recommended when prescribing it to patients who are regularly treated with such drugs.


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