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Hamdard Laboratories (WAQF) Bangladesh

Hamdard Laboratories (WAQF) Bangladesh is a manufacturer of healthcare products including herbs, foods and spices business activities.

In 1940, the youngest son of Late Hakim Abdul Majeed, Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said jjoined hamdard. In 1948, he migrated to Pakistan and established “Hamdard Pakistan”. In 1953 he started the activities of Hamdard in Bangladesh through two sales centers at Dhaka and Chittagong. Hakim Mohammed Said made Hamdard Bangladesh as ‘Waqf’ in 1972 for people’s welfare.

Hamdard published first pharmacopoeia in titled 'Hamdard pharmacopoeia of eastern medicines'. And the development of eastern medicines become popular from early 20th century.

To maintain highest standard in production Hamdard established well equipped laboratories with modern technology. They try to provide high quality products in every business sector.

Hamdard retail shop is available in everywhere in Bangladesh, specially every town of the country. They provide free medical advises for patient wellness.

At present Hamdard is a well known and trusted organization in unani and herbal medicines sector of Bangladesh.

The mission of Hamdard Laboratories is-

  • To preserve and promote the eastern system of medicine as a science.
  • To establish the principles of pharmacy its furtherance and standardization.
  • To supply economically the standard pharmaceuticals.
  • To teach and publicize the principles of health, hygiene and medical sciences.
  • To serve the people selflessly.

Hamdard University Bangladesh is an educational organization of Hamdard Laboratories BD. The vision of Hamdard University Bangladesh is to foster national development process through the establishment of an excellent institution of higher education which is responsive to society´s need,able to develop creative leaders and actively contribute to learning and enriching knowledge.

Some Popular Products of Hamdard in Bangladesh


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