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Generic Name: Chloramphenicol
Therapeutic Group: Ophthalmic » Antibacterial Preparations
Manufacturer: Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

I-guard contains ChIoramphenicol which is a broad spectrum bacteriostatic antibiotic. It is effective against wide range of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, cocci and large viruses.


I-guard Eye/Ear Drop is used in Chloramphenicol susceptible organisms in infected eyelid, cornea (corneal ulcer), conjunctiva, lachrymal canal system and anterior of the uvea. It may also be used in Trachoma, Zoster and Parinauds conjunctivitis. It is used as an adjuvant therapy with other drugs in the treatment of herpes simplex and for the prophylaxis of bacterial infection before and after surgical operation and after fire and chemical burns. It is beneficial in rinsing the lachrymal canal as a preventive and curative of infections. Chloramphenicol can inhibit or destroy the bacteria present in ear canal.

Possible Side effects

The use of chIoramphenicol alone in Ionger period or frequent intermittent use may result occasional stinging, itching and in rare cases allergic eyelid eczema in some patients.


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