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Incepta Vaccine Ltd.

Incepta Vaccine Ltd. is the first human vaccine manufacturing company in Bangladesh that acquires the knowledge and technology to manufacture vaccines for human use. The manufacturing unit is situated at Zirabo, Savar which is conveniently located at the outskirt of Dhaka city. They are completely devoted to protect the vast population of Bangladesh as well as developing world from various infectious illnesses and thereby reducing the mortality rate from fatal diseases.

Incepta Vaccine Ltd was launched in June 2011 with the prime objective of providing vaccines at an affordable cost. They have a vision to continue developing novel vaccines against diseases of the developing world.

Currently, their portfolio includes vaccines against bacterial and viral diseases in the market. They have also some immunoglobulin preparations to provide immediate protection against fatal diseases which are vulnerable on contact where only vaccine cannot give total protection. They are committed to manufacture preventive medicines against all possible life-threatening infectious diseases.

An advanced fully GMP compliant Research & Development facility has been developed, which can independently handle several projects simultaneously involving organisms. For this purpose, a group of young, energetic and talented researchers across the globe is employed who are working relentlessly on innovative ways of developing vaccines as a commitment to serve the humanity.

Incepta has now four vaccines in the market like- Rabies vaccine, Hepatitis B vaccine, Typhoid Vaccine and Tetanus vaccine. It has also two immunoglobulins in the market like Rabies Immunoglobulin and Tetanus Immunoglobulin. Many other challenging and modern vaccines needed for our people will be manufactured in near future.

Some products of Incepta Vaccine Ltd.

  • Hepa-B for pediatric [Hepatitis -B vaccine]
  • Hepa-B for adult [Hepatitis -B vaccine]
  • Influvax [Inactivated influenza vaccine]
  • Ingovax ACWY [Meningococcal polysaccharide]
  • Protet-IG [Human Tetanus Immunoglobulin]
  • Rabix-vc [Rabies vaccine (Human)]
  • Rabix-IG [Rabies Immunoglobulin]
  • Rubavax-M [Measles and Rubella vaccine]
  • Vaxitet [Adsorbed Tetanus vaccine]

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