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Generic name: Montelukast Sodium
Manufacturer: Aristopharma Ltd.

Montelukast is a selective and orally active leukotriene receptor antagonist that inhibits the cysteinyl leukotriene CysLT4 receptor. Cysteinyl leukotrienes and leukotriene receptor occupation have been correlated with the pathophysiology of asthma.

Montril is indicated for the prophylaxis and chronic treatment of asthma in adults and pediatric patients. It is also indicated for the relief of symptoms of seasonal allergic rhinitis in adults and pediatric patients.

Montelukast should not be used in the reversal of bronchospasm in acute asthma attacks (in case of status asthmaticus). Patients should be advised never to use oral tablets of Montelukast to treat acute asthma attacks. Montelukast should not be substituted for inhaled or oral corticosteroids. Patients with known aspirin sensitivity should continue avoidance of aspirin or other NSAID, while taking Montelukast.


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