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A list of 100 Pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh Pharmaceutical sector is one of the most developed hi tech sector which is contributing in the country's economy. After the promulgation of Drug Control Ordinance - 1982, the development of this sector was accelerated. The professional knowledge, thoughts and innovative ideas of the pharmacists working in this sector are the key factors for this developments. Due to recent development of this sector we are exporting medicines to global market including European market. This sector is also providing 95% of the total medicine requirement of the local market. Leading Pharmaceutical Companies are expanding their business with the aim to expand export market. Recently few new industries have been established with hi tech equipments and professionals which will enhance the strength of this sector.

Pharmaceutical Companies of Bangladesh

01. ACI Ltd.
02. Acme Laboratories Limited.
03. Alco Pharma Ltd.
04. Ambee Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
05. AmIco Laboratories Ltd.
06. Amulet Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
07. Apex Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
08. Apollo Pharmaceutical Laboratories Ltd.
09. Aristo Pharma Ltd.
10. Astra Biopharmaceuticals Limited
11. Beacon Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
12. Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
13. Bio- Pharma Laboratories
14. Bristol Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
15. Central Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
16. Chemist Lab. Limited
17. Concord Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
18. Cosmic Pharma Ltd.
19. Delta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
20. Desh Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
21. Doctor’s Chemical Works Ltd.
22. Doctor TIMS Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
23. Drug International Ltd.
24. Elixir Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
25. Eskayef Bangladesh Ltd.
26. Essential Drugs Company Ltd.
27. General Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
28. Genvio Pharma Limited
29. Globe Pharmaceuticals Limited.
30. Gonoshasthaya Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
31. Hamdard Lab. (Waqf) Ltd.
32. Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Limited
33. Ibn-Sina Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
34. Incepta Pharmaceuticals.
35. Innova Pharmaceuticals Limited.
36. Jayson Pharma Ltd.
37. Jams Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
38. Julphar Bangladesh Ltd.
39. Labaid Pharma Ltd.
40. Libra Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
41. Medicon Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
42. Medimet Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
43. Millat Pharmaceuticals Limited
44. Modern Pharmaceuticals Limited
45. Mystic Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
46. Navana Pharma Ltd.
47. NIPRO JMI Pharma (NJP) Ltd.
48. Novelta Bestway Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
49. Novus Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
50. Novartis Bangladesh Ltd.

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