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Ramadan Tips for Women

Women are facing some problems during the holy month Ramadan from year to year. In Bangladesh, this problems are more frequent. Lacking of knowledges may the prime cause of this problems.

One of the biggest problems among women during Ramadan, is fatigue. So analyze your energy levels and decide to do something for your goodness.

Practice moderation on food habit. Fasting is not postponing three meals only to make up for at Iftar. So make a meal plan for the month of Ramadan. When you able to make a good plan on your food habit, its may bring a healthy Ramadan for you and your family.

Manage your child's properly. Make a daily routine for them andkeep checking. Always inspire for keep fasting in Ramadan if possible. You also may give them some tasks for practising and being prepare for future.

If you are pregnant, you consult your doctor to decide whether or not you are able to fast during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. She will check you and assess the case accordingly.

If you feel any kind of sudden sickness or injury, you consult a physician suggest a better treatment for your goodness. Where fasting may need breaks or not and this is acceptable in Islam.

Gather books/CDs/Dua pamphlets in one place, so you avoid wasting precious Ramadan time looking for stuff. If you have loaned some books to a friend or vice versa, see that they get to their respective owners before Ramadan. If you know you have two hours to complete an exam, you wouldn’t want to waste time sharpening pencils or looking for erasers, would you?


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