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Generic name: Simethicone
Manufacturer: ACI Ltd.

Simet® Paediatric Drops is a preparation of Simethicone which has antiflatulent and anticolic property. Simethicone relieves the discomfort of infant gas frequently caused by air swallowing or by certain formulas or foods.


Simet® is indicated

  • For treating the symptoms of infant colic.
  • For relief of the painful symptoms of excess gas in the digestive tract.
  • As an adjunct in the treatment of many conditions in which gas retention may be problem such as: Post operative gaseous distention, air swallowing, functional dyspepsia, peptic ulcer, spastic or irritable colon or diverticulitis.
  • For the management of accidental ingestion of foaming detergents.
  • Prior to gastroscopy to enhance visualization and prior to radiography of the intestine to reduce gas shadows.

Side Effects

Simethicone is physiologically inert and no adverse effect has been noted after oral ingestion.


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