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Tips for Making Your Marriage Last

Nowadays newly married couples have been facing different problems in their marriage life. When they fail to get a proper solution, they choose the ugly option called 'divorce'. Now we try to give few effective tips for making a marriage last -

  • DON’T give up, work on your problems and talk to each other for solving.

  • Learn how to “JUST BE” together without the “expectation” that your partner is always entertain you when you are bored. Spouses who have a good sense of themselves and know how to be content by themselves and keep themselves easy are the happiest.

  • Remember when the world is against you, he is for you.

  • Never be too proud to admit when you’re wrong!

  • Always ask yourself how any action you take will affect your spouse.

  • Be open to change, be best friends, support each other, work together.

  • Laugh together, play together.

  • It’s important to keep falling in love with your spouse. Don’t let the romance die.

  • Encourage when they are down and rejoice in their happiness! Unconditional love!

  • Remember that nobody can interfere or influence your marriage unless you allow them to.

  • Knowledge, practice and if possible, the advice of a wise person are two key elements in finding a solution to a problem.

  • Divorce is not an option.


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