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Urolin Syrup

Urolin is diuretic, febrifuge and relieves obstruction. Herbs used in Urolin contain butaine which removes Colin saturated bilirubin with urine and gradually helps in remedy of jaundice. Other active ingredients of Urolin help in urinary tract infection and relieve pain of lower stomach.


Urolin relieves Biliousness
Urolin relieves Dysuria
Urolin is Demulcent
Urolin relieves Dipsosia
Urolin relieves Unsteadiness
Urolin relieves Depression
Urolin is effective during treatment of antibiotic and sulfonamides which synthesize uric acid


Adults: 2-4 teaspoonfuls 3 times daily with water after meal.
Children: 1-2 teaspoonfuls 3 times daily with water after meal, or as directed by the physician.


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